About Us

North North East was born in spring 2015. We started with guided kayak tours in our home base Trakai, Lithuania. It is still our home and yet since then we grew up into an adventure company operating from Vilnius and covering different outdoor activities in Lithuania all year round. We are a small team of passionated tour guides, nature lovers and adventurers who are familiar with nearly every corner of our beautiful homeland and we bring our long-year guiding experience to take our guests on unexpected paths to explore the landmarks and landscapes in a relaxed and yet expert way. We do not avoid touristic places, we rather show why they became such. Our aim is to give our guests an insight to the greatest places Lithuania has to offer and to make it simple to access them and experience with every sense. We add professional and dedicated equipment, such as kayaks, snowshoes or kick sleds and make it more sporty and fun in any weather conditions. But do not underestimate our knowledge and ask anything you are interested into about country’s history, culture, people and daily life – we live it.

Our home is Vilnius and our base is Trakai. But we have a very special relation to Lithuania’s coast and its magical Curonian Spit as well as to the highlands of Aukštaitija in the east. And yes, we cross the borders and help you to visit our neighbours in Poland, Belarus or Latvia. Welcome to North North East, your guide to all four seasons in Lithuania.

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