Kayaking can be really easy and fun. You don't have to bring previous experience or specific physical conditions to paddle with us. All you need is to be able to swim. You will get fully instructed before the tour and the rest you will learn quick - our tours are suitable even for beginners. Are you an experienced paddler? Even better! However, if you're coming for a day trip of just few hours of paddling with us, you probably will not bring your paddling clothes and neoprene boots. If you do - it's great of course. But here are our suggestions on what to wear and what to bring if you are not specifically prepared for kayaking:

- First and most important - wear quick dry clothes. Cotton t-shirts and jeans might feel very comfortable when dry, but once they get wet they give you a cold feeling. It's not that bad on a sunny and warm summer day, but might be very unpleasant in the cooler days. Synthetic materials such as polyester is a much better choice.

- On a sunny day nothing beats a t-shirt, shorts (again, synthetic materials first) and sandals or even flip flops. You can wear a pair of sneakers or trainers too, but there's always a 50/50 chance, that at some point you will step out in to the water and will have wet feet for the next few hours. 

- Wear a hat or cap and sunglasses on a sunny day. And don't forget your sunscreen - it is essential while you're on the water without any chance to hide from the sun.

- Take your swimming suit with you - there will be few wild beaches on the way (especially in Trakai) and clear water that sometimes can hit up to 25°C!

- Always have a waterproof rain jacket. Even on a sunny day it might be very useful when it comes to unexpected short showers. We use spray skirts on our tours, so you dont have to worry about your lower part as it stays dry, but the rain jacket is of the essentials. Rain is something rather common than exotic in Lithuania and you probably want to explore the landscapes in typical local weather conditions too :) TIP: Photos taken on kayak tours during the rain are always the best to remember!

- On cooler days take a warm layer - fleece jacket is ideal as well as some synthetic outoor trousers. A basic underwear layer of wool, polyester or polypropylene is a good choice too, if you have a chance. Remember, that you gonna wear a life jacket on top and do some active paddling, so you can count one layer less than you would wear for a light walk on land. Rain jacket or any other additional layer can be used during the stops, especially on the windy days. Also, some waterproof boots, even for hiking + wool or synthetic socks would be very useful. 

- Bring a set of clothes to change if you get wet. We will give you a dry bag and you can carry them with you in the storage space of the kayak.

- You can take your camera, phone or any non-waterproof valuables with you - you will have a waterproof bag for your stuff. However, it is recommended to keep your camera safe in the bag while on the water. The guide will take pictures during the tour and you will get them after.

- And last but not least - an insect repellent. Well, if you forget your own, you can use our too. Mosquitos and ticks are most active during the late spring and summer months.

So, that's it. And now come and have fun on the water!